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Unusual Recent Discoveries in the Field of Astronomy

The science of astronomy is developing quickly nowadays. Every year new discoveries are made by astronomers and astrophysicists. They reveal new facts about the Universe we live in. But the outer space still keeps a lot of secrets. Here is an overview of new discoveries in the field of astronomy.

Universe Has the Shape of Ring

The astronomers of the University of Ulm guided by Frank Steiner made the research of the background radiation of the Universe with the WMAP orbital radio telescope. According to the analysis of the received data, the shape of the Universe is a ring. This ring estimates 56 mln light years in diameter. The hypothesis the researchers have put forward is unprecedented. Frank Steiner and his colleagues also claim that the Universe is multidimensional (that means our Universe has more than three dimensions).

Mysterious Changes on Planet Eris

The researchers of MMTO (Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory) discovered suspicious activity of one of the so called “plutoids” or “dwarf planets”. In November 2008 they reported on their blog that Eris, the largest dwarf planet behind the orbit of Neptune (it weighs 1.5 times more than Pluto), demonstrated a sudden growth of nitrogen concentration on the surface. This process usually takes hundreds of years. However, in this case it lasted only four years – it is extremely rapid. The possible causes of this event have not yet been discovered. According to the official version of MMTO astronomers, this is the result of the activity of a cryovolcano that started spreading liquid nitrogen recently.

Sugar in Outer Space

European astronomers guided by Maria Beltran of the University of Barcelona analyzed the microwave radiation of our galaxy and discovered the specific radio signatures of glycolic aldehyde (generally known as sugar) in the nebula of Sagittarius B2 near the centre of the galaxy. Space sugar may be directly connected to the formation of life.
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